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Are you truly Free? 21 March 2013

Are you truly Free?
There is a statement in the ethics of the fathers that says 'The only free person is one who is emersed in Torah'. This is counter-intuitive as we usually see Torah as restrictive rather than a liberating activity.
My understanding of the piece is that when we are living a life directed by our natural urges and desires, we cannot ever make a truly 'free' choice, any more than a alchoholic can freely choose to give up his addiction. Through learning Torah, one becomes aware of who we are, in real time, and what motivates us, what inspires us, what scares us and what pulls us. Only then, when we have full awareness of who we are, can we make truly free decisions.
I found the clip below that teaches the same idea, in a more inspirational and clear and concise manner.

This is Water...David Foster Walllace

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